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Ongoing monthly satsaunga is held by Dada Shuddhacittananda and the Brisbane margiis in a local Brisbane community hall…


Dada Gunamuktananda appeared at TEDxNoosa 2014:

… and gave a follow-up meditation intro and course at the Brisbane Yogafest


… and Cairns Beaches Yoga in Cairns:


An inspiring Meditation Surf Camp was held recently in Yamba, on the east coast of Australia.


This documentary showcasing the practice and philosophy of Ananda Marga was filmed at the New Year’s Gathering in Tyalgum:

The Sunrise Kindergarten in Melbourne has been upgrading its playground and resources with the help of parents and the Ananda Marga Melbourne community:










The Sunrise Centre continues its after-school and holiday learning program. Read the latest news from the center here.

proutDownload the online version of Prout magazine:

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It looks like Prout is getting established in Uttarakhand!


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Ghana and Burkina Faso

Our TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) currently cover 33 villages. AMURT has distributed 1 ton of millet in the flood-affected area of Bangeldaye. A watershed management program was initiated to collect surface water and keep the rainwater from running off without penetrating the soil by means of small check dams and other rainwater harvesting methods such as creating barriers to retain water around trees.

At the Bissiri master unit, the transition into organic farming is proceeding smoothly as the farmers have clearly understood the benefit of it. We have a donkey and a few goats and are working to acquire some cows in order to produce our own manure. A beekeeping project has been started to introduce beekeeping to the community.

Our clinic in Bissiri, near Ouagadougou, is growing. We hired a second nurse and have nearly completed a new room for the increasing number of patients during the rainy season (which is the big malaria season too). We are also building a simple toilet and bathroom facility. One of the nurses is now living in the MU itself. This allows the patients to get care during the night. We have been able to dig a borehole. The regular supply of drinkable water in quantity is a very great improvement.

We now are making our own bread, thanks to a very simple traditional mud brick oven. The bread is nice and our trainer, a French baker and friend, had the community taste its very first bits of pizza! Now the bread is made every day, small bread that the community can afford. There was no local bread available until now and everyone enjoys it.

Neohumanist school in Ejura, rural Ghana:

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