Australasia and Oceania


Acharya Narada Muni appeared at TEDxRobina 2018:

The Bhaktas concert at Starlight 2017 was a beautiful event.

Bliss Festival 2017…

Ongoing monthly satsaunga is held by Dada Shuddhacittananda and the Brisbane margiis in a local Brisbane community hall…


Dada Gunamuktananda appeared at TEDxNoosa 2014:

… and gave a follow-up meditation intro and course at the Brisbane Yogafest


… and Cairns Beaches Yoga in Cairns:


An inspiring Meditation Surf Camp was held recently in Yamba, on the east coast of Australia.


This documentary showcasing the practice and philosophy of Ananda Marga was filmed at the New Year’s Gathering in Tyalgum:

The Sunrise Kindergarten in Melbourne has been upgrading its playground and resources with the help of parents and the Ananda Marga Melbourne community:








New Zealand

Our awesome kiirtan group was performed at the VoSe festival in February 2014. Groups such as Shakti, Amma, Sahaja Yoga, Hari Krishna and Sufis as well as Ananda Marga performed kiirtan on the Willow stage as part of the multi-faith akhanda kiirtan. Our Ananda Marga kiirtan group performed twice and we were the only ones to include dynamic lalita marmika dance in the kiirtan performance.


Various other activities have been taking place on the scene in Aotearoa:


Local AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) volunteers responded to the Christchurch earthquake by distributing rescue remedy to psychologically traumatised victims.

Download the response reports here:

Report 1
Report 2
Report 3