Prout Convention

In the beautiful Danish countryside, 170 people attended the 2014 Global Prout Convention at Ananda Gaorii Master Unit, Vig, Denmark.


Jaya Brekke opened the conference, as she has for several years, with a report on the impact of austerity measures in Greece, Spain and the Ukraine and resistance movements to them, screening the documentary she made, Future Suspended. Dr. Ed McKenna, Professor of Economics at Connecticut College in USA, gave three inspiring classes: Spirituality and Finance, Causes of the Economic Crisis, and The Way Forward. A video about the movement Future Tasmania ended with a videoconference interview of Liila Hass. Dada Madhuvidyananda gave a talk about sadvipras and a class about the Prout political party he has started in Germany. Ramesh Bjonnes and Govinda gave classes about four interconnected crises: finance, inequality, resources and the environment. Satya Tanner organized duty co-ops and presented Organizing Effective Teams. Hiranmaya from USA gave a workshop on Integrating Prout with Local Food Movements. Divyajyoti presented The History and Potential of a Nordic Union. Frands Frydendal and Martin Wozniak gave workshops on Sociocratic Decision-Making and The Dragon Dreaming Method. Candela Vargas gave a workshop on non-violent communication.

The most inspiring part of the conference was amazing news reports about Prout work around the world. Dada Vandanananda gave news of 14 active samaj movements in India. Didi Ananda Devapriya and Diipanii told about the inspiring work they are doing with the European Roma Movement and the NGO community in Romania. The Prout Research Institute of Portugal and the PROUTugal Movement are doing great work. Other great news came from Prout work in Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, UK, Ireland and Germany. Dada Maheshvarananda gave a workshop, Strategy Ideas for Implementing Prout and news about the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela.

This interview on Prout was shot at the conference:

Meanwhile, Prout Blocks are being established all around the world. This one in Manchester!


Prout presence at Bilderberg 2014: