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Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre

Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre in India provides quality health care and health education. Its main features include holistic health care for the poor, grassroots work in villages, training of health-care workers, and a special program working with children with cerebral palsy.

Watch another video of the centre here…
Visit their website and Facebook page



On this new moon (the darkest night of the year), Diipavalii (the correct Sanskrit spelling) is celebrated with candles and other lights, symbolising the dispelling of darkness and the illumination of our lives with spiritual light.


“The flame of a lamp lights up countless lamps. The touch of a great personality wakes up innumerable sleeping hearts. In the same way, the eternal glow of the boundless elan vital of Cosmic Consciousness has been illuminating the life-lamp of universal humanism since time immemorial, is illuminating it, and in the future, will do so even more intensely. That is why I say, the future of the human race is not dark, rather it is strikingly resplendent. So proceed on, ignoring the frowns of darkness.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


Prabhat Samgiita Day


Prabhat Samgiita Day is celebrated on the anniversary of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar giving the first of 5018 songs on 14 September in 1982.


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