I have a problem concentrating, my minds wanders everywhere. Is there a solution to this?

Is it possible to achieve liberation by meditating with only the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra?

What do you recommend for someone who lives far from any centers who is interested in learning?

Why do some spiritual paths say that you do not have to follow specific rules about diet, whereas other paths lay down precise guidelines?

What’s so good about fasting? How long does it last?

Why did God make this world, what is the purpose and if there is a purpose, why do I exist and what does God want from me?

What is a Sadguru? How can you know if someone is truly a guru?

Can I meditate in a chair, or must I learn how to meditate sitting on the floor with legs crossed?

I’ve been performing meditation twice a day for about six months now. Lately I haven’t been able to hold my posture straight and this physical pain is preventing me from deepening my meditation. I have two questions: would the use of a cushion hinder any progress that I might make without one in developing the muscles needed for a good meditation posture? Also, are there other ways to alleviate my pain (mostly in the upper thigh and lower back) that I could use that don’t involve material support?

What is the relationship between sex and spirituality?

I was a vegetarian, but gave it up. I would like to begin again, can you help me? Also, what kind of food should I feed a child?

Is everything happening in my life pre-arranged by God? Is the future pre-determined? If so, where is my free will? Does God guide my life or am I to be fully responsible for what I do?

What is moksha? Is it the merging of unit consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness? Does meditation help in attaining moksha or what more should be done in order to attain it?

My question is quite personal, but I know a lot of people may have the same plight as mine. I have been struggling so hard to make my dreams come true but it seems that good fate does not favor me in many ways. Sometimes I almost run out of hope and wallow in self-pity. Is there such a thing as luck and how can one know if we’re making the right decision at the right time? Does everything happen for a reason or is everything a circumstantial mistake?

How should one deal with negative or uncomfortable emotions like anger or hatred? Especially when they arise because of social injustice.

Why don’t/can’t we remember our past lives? Is there any way to remember them? What about people who claim that they can see or read someone’s past and future?

What type of enlightenment experiences are common for people who follow Ananda Marga?

How do I improve my meditation?

Can a person be reincarnated in an animal body?

Does there exist any yogic cure for baldness that works?


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