• “The object of the art of healing is to cure a patient, both physically and mentally. So the main question is not to uphold any particular school of medical science; rather, the key task is the welfare of the patient.”

    Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


    The medical projects run by Ananda Marga incorporate a wide range of medical disciplines, from Western allopathic medicine such as the Abha Seva Sadan hospital in India, to Eastern and other natural treatment methods.

    This video documents the recently established Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Ananda Nagar, India:

    Its sister project, the Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu, Philippines, is a naturopathic clinic which was originally conceived to help the majority of people in the Philippines who are suffering from poor health as a result of poverty. However, it is a fact that even those from the higher strata of society are also physically suffering and seeking alternative ways to address their health concerns. The AM Wellness Center thus aims to be a model center which is open to anyone, even those outside the Philippines, looking for a reliable method of treatment and recovery. AMWC enables people to:

    1. Cure themselves through a system of natural therapy without dependency on medicines.

    2. Become physically fit, mentally relaxed and fully conscious individuals.

    3. Overcome problems caused by excess fat, stress and disease in general.

    4. Learn new healthy systems of eating, exercise, drinking water and harmonious thought.


    In the Center we call our patients students, because they have come not merely to be cured but also to learn how to stay healthy for the rest of their lives. They come for many reasons, with many problems including: sinusitis, insomnia, anemia, general anxiety, arthritis, skin disease, diabetes, cysts and tumors, depression, blood pressure, joint and back pain, high cholesterol, menstruation problems, liver and gall bladder problems, chronic headaches, weak lungs, acidity, asthma, heart trouble, hemorrhoids, kidney stones, ulcer, obesity, lethargy, mental weakness and many more.

    Everybody benefits enormously, and large numbers are completely cured. A high percentage of these cures happen to people who normal doctors consider to be incurable, and who, at best, are believed to require maintenance-medicine for the rest of their lives.

    Natural therapy is premised on a 100 percent positive approach to life. It strikes at the root of disease and illness, which is primarily due to inappropriate eating and thinking habits that cause toxins and stress to accumulate in the body.

    Natural therapy uses a number of systems to facilitate the body’s cleansing. A balance of these techniques is prescribed according to individual needs. The main treatment systems are:

    • A nutritious, delicious diet of alkaline food (fruits, vegetables and other light vegetarian food) that is easy to digest, freeing the digestive system from its normal burdens.
    • An exercise program ranging from gentle yoga exercise for the glands and nerves, to the vigorous movement of brisk walking and active games.
    • Hot and cold water treatments, mud packs, enema colon cleansing and sun baths to relax stressed nerves, eliminate toxins and tone-up exhausted internal organs
    • A water-drinking system (3 to 4 liters or more daily) to cleanse toxins
    • Mental exercises or meditation (including deep relaxation and visualization) to convert stress into calm positivism
    • Entertaining and educative activities to fill the patients’ days in a fun, interesting and relaxing way so that they can overcome their stress and disease
    • For specific patients a graduated program of specialized elimination diets, such as only liquids or fruits for a reasonable number of days.


    Since 1971 Dada Dharmavedananda has been teaching yoga and natural health all over the world. In 1995 Dada opened his first two natural therapy centers in Taiwan, with the specialized approach of treating all three levels of being: body, mind and soul. His third project was an in-patient center on a farm in South Korea. These small but effective projects provided the experience needed to finally start the present full-fledged global model center in Cebu, Philippines.

    Over 1,000 of Dada’s patients and students donated for the construction, which took 2 years. During this period the staff underwent invaluable training. By October 2005 the Wellness Center was beautifully built and fully operational.

    After opening we continued to add more elements to the Center. New therapies included a massage-bubble-bath which is better than a jacuzzi, sun and oil treatment, aerobic dance, art and music therapy, daily cooking classes, easy-going croquet and other games on our green-grass lawn, and a children’s theatre group. The children’s theatre has such a charming flow that many of our students not only like to watch but also join in.

    Inside we added beautiful custom-made furniture. Landscaping developments included a fountain in the middle of the garden pond, a walk-way, an outdoor ramp, and numerous plants and small trees.

    We now have seven full-time staff and several part-time volunteers. In addition, students get guidance as needed from Dr Paredes, who we consider to be Cebu’s best doctor. Dr Paredes’ electric-acupuncture diagnostic machine often surprises our students by pointing out unexpected toxicity or other defects in one or other of their organs.

    Usually the normal methods of natural therapy are enough to generate a cure, but occasionally we also need Dr Paredes to prescribe a herbal or homeopathic medicine.


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