Ananda Narayana

Since 2014 Ananda Narayana master unit in Argentina has been developed as a model ecovillage, the goal being to optimise the circumstances for the practice of spirituality in close harmony with the beauty of nature.

Ananda Narayana aims to instil in its residents and visitors a happy blending of devotional flow and its practical application in life. It is a project purely dedicated to implement and transmit the teachings and ideology of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti based on Ananda Marga’s science of Tantra Yoga.

We extend an open invitation for all to come and get the chance to experience in first person how wide the heart can open with the help of ideal circumstances.

AMURT and AMURTEL Help Refugees

AMURTEL (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Ladies) in Greece is working to give relief to refugees with a particular focus on women who are pregnant, birthing, postpartum and those who have infants.

The situation there is beyond the scope of the few big aid agencies and massively beyond what economically-crippled Greece can handle. The bulk of the work on the ground with thousands of refugees arriving daily is being done by small volunteer groups from within Greece and abroad. AMURTEL is one of those groups and we and those we serve ask for your help. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign to contribute:

What I Learned Volunteering with Refugees in Greece

From Pregnancy through Infancy: Caring for Refugees in Greece

Help us keep the center going. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

And please spread the word by sharing our Facebook page, AMURTEL Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies

Our AMURT project in Lebanon for Syrian refugees is now funded by the German government, with over 50 staff and 30 drivers. We have 250 children in our own school and 1,000 in public schools that we also support.


Download the AMURTEL Greece 2017 annual report

Download the AMURT Lebanon project summary

Bali Children’s Homes

This video features our Narayan Seva Children’s Home in Bali.

Take Part features the inspiring work being done for homeless children at our Ananda Kurainja Children’s Home in Bali.


Our Pakisan children’s home in Bali:


North and Central America

Visit Crimson Dawn for the latest North and Central America news.


Visit the Path of Bliss newsletter section for more news from around North and Central America.

Download Rising Sun, the journal of Women Proutists of North America. Visit their Facebook page.

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Read the issues and posts of Vistara from Ananda Marga Mexico.


Download Cetana, the newsletter of the Women’s Welfare Department of North and Central America:

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