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           Ananda Marga in Albania: meditation,yoga, philosophy and social service  


"Who am I" " Where have I come from" What is my Purpose in Life": these age-old questions are given meaningful answers in the Ananda Marga yoga philosophy. Yoga explains that there is one Supreme consciousness behind the diversity of this physical world.

The careful study of the yoga philosophy provides a key to understanding the origin of the universe, the development of life and the evolution to higher forms of consciousness. The structure of the human mind and the process of meditation can also be better understood by an exploration of the 7000-year-old yoga philosophy.

We hold lectures, classes and seminars that explain the different parts of yoga philosophy.



Ananda Marga,  rruga "Kongresi i Permetit" Pal. 79, Shk. 6, Apt. 52. Tel 226825, e-mail anandamarga.al@amps.org