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Yoga Postures (asanas)
Sketch of the shoulder-stand posture

Yoga is a comprehensive system of physical, mental and spiritual development.  For physical development the yogic system offers a series of postures known as "yoga asanas."  These asanas are not gymnastics or ordinary exercises. Asanas are composed of smooth, slow motions and held postures.  During their practice, the body remains in a state of relaxed efficiency and the deep breathing which naturally accompanies them carries more oxygen to the bloodstream. During asanas, energy is accumulated and the body refreshed.

Yoga postures benefit all of the body systems.  The twisting and bending that we do during the performance of these postures places pressure on the endocrine glands, helping them to function in a more balanced manner.  The result is improved functioning of the entire organism. In addition, yoga postures affect the glandular secretions that control our emotions. By balancing these secretions the postures help to bring about mental composure. Yoga postures improve digestion, stimulate circulation, massage the internal organs and they relax and tone up the muscles and nervous system.

Contrary to popular imagination, you don't have to be an acrobat or gymnast to practice yoga postures. There are yoga postures which are suitable for all people.  Our instructors will choose the postures which are best suited for you and explain how you can practice them in a integrated program which will help you to achieve physical and mental well being.

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