The Secret of Initiation

by Acarya Pranakrsnananda Avadhuta

At the time of initiation the student or disciple makes a solemn promise to do as much good as possible, to avoid harmful behavior and to maintain the confidentiality of the meditation process and mantra. Doing good and postponing bad actions is quite understandable, but keeping the secrecy of the process of meditation is difficult for some to understand.

It has become somehow important today that everything should be made public knowledge. If it is not, then it must be bad, selfish or harmful. Others consider secrecy a violation of their fundamental right enshrined in some unwritten constitution. Unfortunately everything has become valueless as a result.

The purpose of maintaining the secrecy of the initiation is not to keep the information hidden away from genuine spiritual aspirants, but to maintain its value. Each individual has got his/her personal relationship with the Supreme Being. That special relationship is established by having a clear understand-ing of where the disciple is now, what is his/her Ultimate Goal and in what acoustic form the meditator relates with that Infinite and Universal Being.

Each person has a very specific, exact acoustic sound which brings the meditator in close contact with the Goal. It is private, personal and valuable to the meditator in a way only Guru can evaluate. To place the devotional relationship of the disciple on a public platform for analysis, exposure and perhaps comparison by others who do not share his/her value for that relationship, sentimental and spiritual, is cold to the touch and tears the heart.

It would be similar to an intellectual debate on the words of endearment used by faithful husbands for their dearest wives. Who could say that “sweetheart” is more affectionate than “darling”, for the secret of that love is only known to the lover. If meditation is viewed from a dry intellectual analysis, it would die for lack of blood and suffocate for want of air.

Those things which are kept secretly in the mind have a greater impact on the personality. That is why psychoanalysts try to expose the hidden phobias, neurosis and psychosis to show the patient the ordinariness of the feelings so that mental disease will not accumulate momentum in the mind. It is the secret pain in the mind which causes mental illness.

Psychic energy given to negative thoughts causes greater personality disorder, but psychic energy directed toward good and noble thoughts leads to wholesomeness and fearlessness. How much more beneficial if the mind holds on to the secret love of the Supreme within.

Therefore the meditator promises to maintain the secrecy of the specific, individual aspects of the meditation, although the general science of meditation is clearly explained in books and articles. Those who wish to learn the correct process should approach a properly qualified teacher (acarya) authorized by the Guru. It is through proper, practical and persistent effort that success is achieved.

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