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Through the month of December, AMURT Nigeria, in cooperation with AMURT UK and other AMURT chapters, will run a crowdfunding campaign. A generous sponsor has made Matching Funds available so that every donation will be doubled. The funds are for emergency assistance for mothers, babies and children. AMURT’s project areas in Nigeria are in remote rural areas. The population is made of poor farmers who can not afford surgeries and other expensive interventions. As a matter of principle, AMURT will not allow any lives to be lost for lack of financial means. We do everything we can when lives are in the balance, through our professional and dedicated doctors, nurses and lab scientists, through our ambulance services and when necessary, for treatments at referral centers.

AMURT started work in Ebonyi State in Nigeria in 2010. We have now grown to become to biggest partner in primary healthcare in the state. In October we passed 15000 births in AMURT health centers since we started. We currently manage nine health centers. Number 10 is scheduled to open soon. Three operate on the level of general hospitals with resident doctors.

AMURT has received national attention for our model to extend primary healthcare services to the remote rural areas. It’s a model that is developed at the grassroots, responding to the realities on the ground here in rural Nigeria. The model is a broad partnership involving private sector, government and with community participation at the heart of the strategy.

In addition to primary healthcare and maternal/child health, AMURT Nigeria also works in water and sanitation with 155 villages supplied with safe water.

AMURT supports widows and women who are sole breadwinners of their families through an Economic Empowerment program. 290 women have been able to start their own businesses through a cooperatively managed revolving credit scheme, where the capital remains intact and continues to reach more and more vulnerable women.

To build capacity for health in the rural communities, the AMURT health centers take trainees locally. After completing three years on-the-job course, the most dedicate and talented compete for scholarships to become qualified health workers. This program has enabled 25 young rural women to have get an education and a career in health.

In last year’s campaign, most of the donations came from non-margii sympathizers. We are asking margiis who are interested in this kind of humanitarian works to help spread word and contact potential donors to help out. We hope that we will get good results that will prepare us well to save more lives in 2020.

Donations can be sent through this link

For those who prefer to donate through other channels, donations are recognized and will also be doubled.. 

Contributions can be sent through AMURT UK, AMURT USA, AMURT NIGERIA, AMURT NORWAY and other AMURT chapters. Write for account details.

Dada Daneshananda

This video, filmed for Nigerian TV, documents AMURT’s maternity health centers in Nigeria.

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AMURT and AMURTEL Help Refugees

AMURTEL (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Ladies) in Greece is working to give relief to refugees with a particular focus on women who are pregnant, birthing, postpartum and those who have infants.

AJ Exclusive: Inside the NGO in Greece helping migrant and refugee women

Since 2015, this NGO in Greece has been providing counselling and care to migrant and refugee women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The situation there is beyond the scope of the few big aid agencies and massively beyond what economically-crippled Greece can handle. The bulk of the work on the ground with thousands of refugees arriving daily is being done by small volunteer groups from within Greece and abroad. AMURTEL is one of those groups and we and those we serve ask for your help. Please visit our crowdfunding campaign to contribute:

What I Learned Volunteering with Refugees in Greece

From Pregnancy through Infancy: Caring for Refugees in Greece

Help us keep the center going. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

And please spread the word by sharing our Facebook page, AMURTEL Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies

Our AMURT project in Lebanon for Syrian refugees is now funded by the German government, with over 50 staff and 30 drivers. We have 250 children in our own school and 1,000 in public schools that we also support.


Download the AMURTEL Greece 2018 annual report
Download the AMURTEL Greece 2017 annual report

Download the AMURT Lebanon project summary