Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response

In February 2023 two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.6 struck Turkey and northern Syria, devastating the entire region, killing more than 47,000 people and affecting an estimated 23 million people.

Combined AMURT/AMURTEL volunteer teams have responded to the enormous catastrophe.

A team including experienced AMURT and AMURTEL coordinators arrived in Turkey within two days of the quake. They organized immediate psycho-social support in coordination with local stakeholders and are identifying urgent humanitarian needs in southeast Turkey, working with local volunteers. 

In Syria, international aid operations are hampered, however two local AMURT and AMURTEL volunteer teams established bases in the Latakia area. They assess affected populations and distribute essential food and non-food items to survivors. Vulnerable families are in shock, many without shelter enduring freezing night temperatures. AMURT Lebanon volunteers assist daily Syria communications and with partners have secured an official supply route to affected areas in Syria.

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Ukrainian Refugee Response

AMURT and AMURTEL have responded to the Ukrainian refugee crisis with humanitarian aid in the form of basic necessities and psycho-social support.

In Romania, AMURTEL is sharing its expertise in emergency psychology and coordination with the government and NGOs present at the Ukraine border point of Siret. We train local Romanian first responders and volunteers in psychological first aid and self-care. AMURTEL also supports a local civic society logistics operation called Help Ukraine Romania in northern Romania, at the Siret border point, and has established this website for the purpose.




In Moldavia, volunteers fed hundreds of refugees on the border in a consortium of organizations during the early surge of refugees.

In Western Europe, AMURT is supporting Ukrainian refugees with accommodation in Poland, Italy and other countries of their choice.

AMURT US works with AMURT UK to provide cash support for a network of people within Ukraine. Funds are distributed through phone apps to community coordinators, who then provide whatever food and medicine are needed for others in their buildings or immediate neighbourhoods and centres for internally displaced people.

Donations for the Ukraine Crisis can be made here