by Acarya Gunamuktananda Avadhuta

Meditation is an exploration of the soul; a sustained effort to realise the essence of your existence; the core of your being.

It is a journey of self-discovery which takes us far beyond our everyday awareness… into the realm of the mystical.

It is the quest for self-knowledge; the transcendence of your self into the Self of all things, and the realisation that all is One. This is what is known as Self-Realisation.

Meditation means concentrated thinking. But it’s not just like any other thought. In fact, the ‘thought’ of meditation is to go beyond thought itself: to transcend the mind into the consciousness within which it exists; indeed within which everything exists, gradually giving us a greater understanding of ourselves, our place in the universe and the connectedness of all things and events.

So meditation is the ideation on everything; on nothing; and on all things.
And ultimately it is the realisation of the oneness of all things.

Why is that important for us?

Because it is that ideation – that realisation – which gives us the one thing we crave more than anything else: infinite happiness, or bliss. We may call it unconditional love; perfect peace; or whatever else we may wish to. But whatever we call it the feeling is the same.

So the practice of meditation is inherently linked to the essence of our existence and our greatest life purpose. Meditation facilitates the blossoming of the flower of humanity to its greatest potential: the realisation that one’s innermost self is none other than the Cosmic Self that pervades all things. It means to look within your mind to feel the bliss that is the essence of your existence. That bliss is within you, just as it is within everybody and everything. Consciously or unconsciously, we all want it and we are all striving to achieve it. We all long to find calm within the chaos of our lives, not realising that it is nowhere but within us. We try to quench our inner longing for limitlessness with the limited objects of this world, forgetting the limitless source of peace and inspiration within ourselves. We search for love from the people in our lives; happiness from the objects of the world. But their presence is also transitory and so the love and happiness they give us does not last forever.

It is entirely possible though – through constant practice – to discover the endless fountain of peace and inspiration within ourselves; to access that infinite source of love and happiness; to infuse our mind and pervade our whole existence with it. This is what will give us real fulfilment; lasting satisfaction.

It may sound elusive but it is not difficult. It is a simple process. It only requires sincere effort. The reward is far greater than anything you will ever have to put into it. And in the process you will also experience the following benefits:

• Physical health
• Relaxation
• Stress-relief
• Clarity of mind
• Concentration
• Improved memory
• Inspiration
• Motivation
• Creativity
• Intuition
• Love for all
• Inner peace
• Self-realisation

As mentioned above, meditation means concentrated thinking: concentrating on the idea – the feeling – of bliss (infinite happiness). But how are we to do that? Concentration means only one thought. But there are usually many different thoughts in the mind. How do we control them?

What we must do is direct all our thoughts towards a greater one; a stronger and more positive one. And the strongest and most positive thought of all is that of the Infinite. By regularly ideating on that greatest thought, one’s mind gradually expands. “As one thinks, so one becomes.”

We all want to expand; to become something greater than what we already are; to achieve something more than what we already have. This is the fundamental spirit of humanity. “There is in the living being a thirst for limitlessness.” Since the beginning of civilisation people have been aspiring to greatness, and it is this yearning for supreme expansion that eventually led people to discover the techniques of meditation.

Meditation gradually expands one’s sense of awareness to infinity; one’s sense of existence into the infinite cosmic existence – the essence of all existence. It merges one’s individual experience of pleasure and pain with the pure and constant experience of cosmic bliss, just as a restless river merges in the calm, tranquil depths of the sea. It graces us with the endless and eternal cosmic awareness we all inherently long for: infinite happiness; perfect peace and contentment – bliss.

Quotes by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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