Awaken the Divine Artist in You

Margiis and Acaryas were invited earlier this year to create works of art that express their deepest feelings for our Beloved Baba, and almost 50 responded with the contributions displayed here.

In this gallery there are a total of 100 works to celebrate Baba’s Centenary in a unique and colourful way.

The willingness of the 50, who contributed their art without questions or conditions, shows the desire for the developent of visual art within Ananda Marga. It is very much hoped that this gallery will inspire more devotional and progressive visual art activities for the benefit and upliftment of all created beings.

The slideshow below will start by itself, but you can also click on the slideshow to view it manually or click on the link below the slideshow to show the thumbnails.

There is also a video below the slideshow by Madhava from Sweden entitled ‘I Know that I Exist’.

You can download the artists’ credits here. Depending on your browser settings it may display on a separate page or simply download to your Download folder.