Question: Why don’t/can’t we remember our past lives? Is there any way to remember them? What about people who claim that they can see or read someone’s past and future?


It is a blessing from the Divine that we cannot recall our past lives. Most of us can barely deal with all that has happened in our current life. The memories and attachments of multiple lives, the deaths of loved ones, the pain and violence we suffered and inflicted would drive most people mad.

Through years of meditation it is possible to recall past lives but not advisable. As one reaches a very high state of spiritual realization, all one’s past lives may finally be revealed, but at that time one’s personal identity is so nearly merged with the Divine that there will be very little attachment to these lives so they carry little more meaning than the lives of strangers.

Some people can see the past and future and some can see the past lives of others. Some make these claims but cannot. It’s difficult to know the difference, but the best thing is to just live in the present.

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